The 4 Stages of Revision: A Step by Step System to Get the Book You Wanted

Intro Part 4 in Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation

In this video you'll learn:

The Four Stages of Revision – and why they must be kept separate

What Big Mistake Almost All Writers Make

How to Not Start Revision Doing the Wrong Thing First

What the difference between “Re-writing” and “Revision” is, and the right way to switch between them.

And everything in the lessons so far will come together so that you will know if

the Full Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation course is the right thing for you.


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Welcome to the Introduction Series!

In this 4-Part Lesson plan, I'll teach you how to work step-by-step . These lessons are shorter versions of a much longer course practicum to Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation.

Continuation into the long version course will be starting soon and is an extra, optional bonus for Academic Writing Bootcamp Members.

Anyone can benefit from these 4 strategic interventions that introduce the systemic approach to revision. Revision is not an endless task. It has an end. There is a system to get there, and anyone can learn it. Do these 4 lessons and you will start to learn.

And... about your finished book:

You Will Get There!