Scan for the Good Parts: Get Your Bearings

Intro Lesson 3 in Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation

In this video you'll learn how to avoid "going back and revising" and what to focus on instead. You can literally lay waste to your manuscript by revising at the wrong time and in the wrong place.  In fact, without a proper process of Pre-Revision, it becomes very possible to fall into the trap of working and working, only to find you have made things worse rather than better. It is much better to analyze your text outside of the text, using exterior tools like worksheets, and begin targeted revision only when ready. Today we're going to do an exercise in analyzing our text and how to get your bearings before you revise, using the good parts of your text.  Watch the Video, and download the Worksheet and try it out on your own text, even a text you have abandoned in the past, so that you can acquire the quick and easy power of a targeted pre-revision scan, which is an essential orientation before beginning the efficient revision system you're going to learn.



  • Lesson 3 Worksheet: Find the Good Parts
    Lesson 3 Worksheet: Find the Good Parts

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    Use Lesson 3 worksheet to practice the art of taking stock first, revising later. Don't touch your text with ink or type! Only use the worksheet on a troublesome span of text and exercise the art of attention that hones in on what are the good parts and why they are good. When taken out of the context of a full pre-revision assessment, this technique is best done simply as a training exercise on a big 'ol hunk you have given up on. But you can use it on a long stretch of your own current manuscript as well.

Welcome to the Introduction Series!

In this 4-Part Lesson plan, I'll teach you how to work step-by-step . These lessons are shorter versions of a much longer course practicum to Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation.

Continuation into the long version course will be starting soon and is an extra, optional bonus for Academic Writing Bootcamp Members.

Anyone can benefit from these 4 strategic interventions that introduce the systemic approach to revision. Revision is not an endless task. It has an end. There is a system to get there, and anyone can learn it. Do these 4 lessons and you will start to learn.

And... about your finished book:

You Will Get There!