Focus on ONE: Small Steps, Big Change

Intro Lesson 2 in Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation

In this video you'll learn how to get past alternating, switching, unfocused
revision, past procrasterevising and tinkering. It's time to get the attention oriented right.  Revising chapters or sections in general is nowhere near as good as targeting specific components of the text in order to produce specific effects. Today we're going to get targeted on particular components one at a time and experience the power of the focus of ONE.  Watch the Video, then Download Lesson 2 lesson sheets, and when you're ready, download the Worksheet and try it out on your own text so that you can get oriented to the efficient revision system you're going to learn with me.





  • Lesson 2 Focus On One: Small Steps Big Change Lesson Sheets
    Lesson 2 Focus On One: Small Steps Big Change Lesson Sheets

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    Read the Lesson 2 lesson sheets first and go through the exercise there to nail down the concept of strategic focus on component parts of your manuscript. The example for Lesson Two is the "Hinge" component and it is the most important one for the qualitative academic writer.

  • Worksheets for Lesson 2: Focus on Hinges
    Worksheets for Lesson 2: Focus on Hinges

    After you've gone through the Lesson 2 lesson sheets, apply the technique to your own manuscript using this worksheet. Make several copies of the Hinge Analysis page and apply it to your manuscript. This is the way to revise your text, one strategically chosen component at a time!

Welcome to the Introduction Series!

In this 4-Part Lesson plan, I'll teach you how to work step-by-step . These lessons are shorter versions of a much longer course practicum to Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation.

Continuation into the long version course will be starting soon and is an extra, optional bonus for Academic Writing Bootcamp Members.

Anyone can benefit from these 4 strategic interventions that introduce the systemic approach to revision. Revision is not an endless task. It has an end. There is a system to get there, and anyone can learn it. Do these 4 lessons and you will start to learn.

And... about your finished book:

You Will Get There!