The Clarity of Taking Aim

Intro Lesson 1 in Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation

In this video you'll learn how to shift out of endless revisions, versions, circlings around and around, again and again, so that you can set sail on a charted course toward your finished book. So Get Ready to Write! Download the Worksheet for this Lesson Below and follow along so that you can get oriented to the efficient revision system you're going to learn with me.

Then, let's continue to explore Systematic Revision for Academic Writers! By taking this Free 4-part course over the next four days (or at your own pace), you'll know how to avoid endless circling revisions and instead how to make steady progress.



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    These worksheets have fillable forms to use on your computer, or print them out. Do them alongside the video, and no peaking ahead! Or, at least make sure you do these worksheets for Intro Lesson 1 first, before going on to the next video and worksheets. While curiosity won't kill you, eventually in the next few lessons you will start to see how committing to a step-by-step system gets you where you need to go.

    Welcome to the Introduction Series!

    In this 4-Part course of Lessons, I'll teach you how to work step-by-step . These lessons are shorter versions of a much longer course practicum to Revise Your Academic Book or Dissertation.

    Anyone can benefit from these 4 strategic interventions that introduce the systemic approach to revision. Revision is not an endless task. It has an end. There is a system to get there, and anyone can learn it. Do these 4 lessons and you will start to learn.

    And... about your finished book:

    You Will Get There!