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Negative Thinking: A Trick for Writers

What is the #1 obstacle to our writing a lot, and with ease? Well for academic writers, the winner has got to be… The nasty things we say to ourselves about our selves. Chances are you don’t need any explanation about what this refers to. Writing has this way of naturally calling up a critical voice in the mind. Even if you know it’s bad for your writing, or even if the voice replies “No, I’m […]

Writing without Fear, with Meditation

Simply put, writing is stressful for every single body. Plus, there can be anxiety while writing, while thinking about writing, while thinking about not writing, fear and dread can wrap itself all the way around a writer and leave them unable to go on. Or, like most of us, some unpleasant but not quite so extreme version of the above. Is there something wrong with you if writing is stressful? Most definitely not. Writing, especially […]

The Biggest Mistake when Revising Your Writing

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There is a mistake that plays a role in every challenge you have when revising your dissertation, academic book, or journal article. And there are tons of those challenges, more than plenty to go around: How do you keep the whole in mind, and move between big picture changes and fine grained revisions, and all the moving parts? How do you get the different parts and chapters to cohere so that they are all part […]

How to Fail at Finishing Your Writing, And How Not To

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  The Cycle of Not Finishing Your Writing When you think about it, New Years resolution time is not that far away, which is also the season of failing at what you start. Or, that’s what seems to happen most of the time. What is the real reason why you don’t finish things? This is a question we writers need to answer, even if we don’t have any choice but to finish our work. And that’s […]

Academic Mad Libs

Download this Exercise for a Sense of Play in Academic Writing      And, for exploring unexpected possibilities in what we are thinking and writing about. This is a fantastic exercise that anyone can do and everyone can benefit from.      Just yesterday my children were playing Mad Libs, and having a blast. If you don’t know this game, it has two parts. The first part you answer some questions without knowing how the […]

12 Tips to Overcome Writing Problems from Famous Authors

The Way Through Writing Problems is Known! There is one powerful writing tip here for each of the most common challenges for academic writers trying to get tenure or finish a dissertation. One of the things I love the most about writing advice is that it can be given in the same media that the art itself is practiced. The best authors go through the same writing block and same writing fear that stops us […]

Writing Too Slowly? The Reason Why and What You Can Do

One Simple Mind-Shift Into Another Gear Every day is pain-staking, creaking. Writing your academic journal article, book, or dissertation is coming along so slowly. But it’s not because you’re not trying. Maybe it even looks like now you’re going to be in big trouble if it doesn’t go faster. It’s getting late. Or you are starting up and nothing is taking off. You know you have to write. You have a topic. Some material. Even […]

11 Gmail Plugins that Academics Need to Know About

You know how email gnaws at your writing momentum. You know how email can leave you with thread bare bones left to compose your masterpieces. Can we turn back the hands of time and reverse that ravages that email has set upon us? I’m actually old enough to have started Graduate School an email virgin. I can’t even remember when I signed up for email, or why. Or is that grad school I’m thinking about? […]

Don’t Sell Yourself Short as an Academic Writer

Let things Grow to their Level If you look at the culture of independent novelists today, you’ll see a healthy respect for maximizing your return on the long hours of effort. They have to make a living! But academic writers can totally miss out on this attitude. What’s weird about academic writers is that it’s the same thing for you. You are writing for a living, but it’s harder to do the math.   For novelists the equations […]

8 Things to do about Your Great Ideas that Poop Out

  Are you leaking momentum? If you’re starting to write a lot or thinking about it, chances are lots of new ideas for new writing directions are running through your mind each and every day. Some of them stick, and we can’t stop thinking about them, even when we “should” be working on something else. Most of them are probably very good ideas! I think you know what I mean. And then we might start brainstorming, rapid […]